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Frequently asked questions.

If you have other questions about psychometrics, Selector’s assessment tools or how we may be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How would Selector Insight fit with our existing selection process?

Integrating and using Selector Insight within your existing selection process is easy. Our clients find it adds to their current procedures without disruption. In some cases it has led to clients replacing some of their existing processes because Selector Insight, with interpretation, has given them so much more information.

Psychometric testing sounds difficult to understand, is it really that hard?

Really all it is doing is measuring how people relate to others — what they will pay attention to, what they might pay less attention to, what will motivate them — and applying that to the demands of the job. It’s about ensuring the right fit between the person, role and work culture.

Is this a ‘test’ the candidate has to ‘pass’? Is it possible to ‘fail’ the assessment?

There is no pass or fail, because everyone’s personality is unique. However, psychometric tests can show why someone might forge ahead in one environment or job but struggle in another. And they can also show whether successful franchisees share certain characteristics.

When in the selection process is it most effective to use a psychometric assessment?

There is no restriction on where and when assessments can be used. For many clients the sooner the better, because the information provided will help shape the questions that need to be asked. It can also provide excellent reference questions to referees, and allow the prospect to consider how well suited they are to the franchise.

Can anyone interpret a Selector Insight assessment

This depends on the level of experience of the reviewer. For any psychometric recommendations to be reliable, results have to be thoroughly interpreted by a registered organisational psychologist or trained and accredited user of the assessment measure.

Don’t psychometric assessments simply squeeze people into boxes?

Every individual has unique characteristics. When used correctly, psychometric assessments will uncover the individual’s behaviour pattern at the moment, based on an understanding of their work environment, rather than squeeze them into an unrealistic category.

How can a person be logically assessed on numbers and graphs?

Psychometric tests require clarity of interpretation and explanation; what the results really ‘mean’ rather than just what they show; direction around required improvement, why anomalies or gaps have occurred and the possible impact. This is where experienced interpretation is important.